How do I earn points?

You will receive your Centurion points — one per every dollar spent — once every item you order had been shipped. *Centurion points earned will be awarded to each customer base on each product purchased. After you earn 300 points, we’ll automatically send you a $10 voucher to spend on Centurion products. Points are assigned based on Centurion products regular price, before, shipping and taxes and after any gift cards or coupons are applied to the order and are rounded down to the nearest dollar amount.

Can I earn Centurion points without making a purchase?

Yes, by referring a customer that make a purchase and mention who referred them to us. You will earn half of the points earned by the customer you referred.

How can I tell how many points are earned for each product?

Centurion points — one per every dollar spent — once every item you order has shipped. For every 300 points earned, you can choose to receive a $10 coupon voucher that will be emailed to you. You also have the option to save points to earn larger vouchers. 600 points = $20 voucher 900 points =$30 voucher 1200 points = $40 voucher. You can let us know by email what you had choose to do.

Can I purchase a product with Centurion points?

Points are turned into coupon vouchers, that you can use on your next purchase.

How do I redeem points?

You will be mailed a $10 coupon code for every 300 points you earn. You can also choose to bank your points for larger coupons i.e. 600 points equals a $20 coupon, 1200 points equals a $40 coupon, and so on.

NOTE: Coupons cannot be used to cover shipping costs and taxes.

Can I give my Centurion Club vouchers to a friend, family member, neighbor, etc. to use towards their order if I don’t want to use it? Do they need to be a Centurion Club member?

YES! Help to grow the brand any way you see fit! If you choose not to use your coupon reward, you may gift it to anyone to use on their order. Just let them know it is a one-time use code.


We’ll send you a $10 code for every 300 points you earn. You’ll be sent the highest denomination you qualify for.

Point system is set as follows:

  • 300 points = $10
  • 600 points = $20
  • 1,200 points = $40
  • 2,400 points = $100
  • 14,400 points = $500


Coupons may be used on any order. The coupon amount will apply to merchandise, but not shipping charges and taxes. The coupon is one-time use and any remaining balance not used on the order will be lost.  All coupons must be redeemed on at the moment you place a current order, they will not be applied retroactively to already open orders. Nor can an expired coupon be reissued, extended, or reapplied.


Only one coupon of any value can be added to an order, i.e. you can use a $10 and a $20 coupon but not two $20 coupons on the same order. Also, make sure you haven’t entered a used or wrong code.


Coupons expire after 6 months. Centurion will not send email reminders to use your coupon so you don’t miss out on any value.

*Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with discounted discount or products that are subject to rules and regulations, club/team/uniform orders, and/or recommended/required items in team/club stores as those have already received bulk/team discounts.